Traditionally made from oat straw and often has molasses added to it to make it more palatable. Chaffs made from alfalfa and alfalfa and straw mixes are available as are chaffs made from dried grass. Chaff is added to feed to make it last longer, especially for good doers that do not receive much feed and also to slow down the rate of eating. Horses that tend to eat very quickly can be prone to choke and adding chaff will help to slow them down and encourage them to chew their feed really well. Chaff also adds some extra fibre to the diet which is beneficial to all horses and ponies to help keep their digestive systems healthy.Oat straw chaff is low in calories and is ideal for good doers, Alfalfa chaffs can be useful for horses that are working harder or for those that need to put on weight. The dried grass type chaffs tend to be quite high in energy and are also useful for horses that are working hard. Older horses and ponies who’s teeth may not be in such good condition and cannot chew hay can often manage chaff and this is a good way of ensuring that they still get plenty of fibre in their diet.

Available in Original, Cod liver or Garlic

Directions for use: Each horse equires a slightly different quality of chaff, however as a guide, consider using about 1.3Kg chaff per 100kg of body weight.


Crude protein 5.4%  Crude  Fats 1.00% Crude Fibre 26.2%  Crude Ash 14%

Contains permitted preservatives

(propionic acid, sodium propionate, sorbic acid)




(VAT exempt)