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We  stock various bedding for all your animals. Traditionally animal owners have preferred to use either Hay Straw and Shavings as bedding,or a mix of all three,  more recently we have discovered a new pellet bedding which is mixed with water before use and is particularly popular with stable owners, at their request we have become a recommended stockist for Verdo Bedding, and we are pleased to say that their goods are becoming more popular on a weekly basis

  • Our hay bales are sourced from kent farmers and the average size is 100 cm long 50cm wide and 35cm deep.

    Can be used for all types of animals such as sheep, cattle, horses and even small pets such as guinea pig and rabbits.

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  • Another one of our products sourced from local farms in Kent, always tightly packed and solid.

    Suitable for all types of animals and also used by many for additional seating at outdoor events.(could be the answer for BBQ's and outdoor weddings)

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  • Tightly packed in plastic, and weighing at an average of 20kg the more traditional form of bedding for Horses and small household pets such as the guinea pig, mice and rats.

    Only clean pine is used in these packs.

    Wood Shavings are easy to muck out, easily stored and easily disposed of (they will burn). They are absorbent and for allergic horses, dust-free (or dust-extracted).

     Wood shavings can be used for a deep litter and will take four to five bales to start a bed. You will need one or two bales a week for a horse that is stabled at night.

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