Poultry feed Ashford

Poultry feed Ashford

The quality of your eggs depends on the quality of the food with which you feed your chickens. Gorgeous tasting, perfectly textured and wonderfully rich in colour eggs require chickens that have been fed with quality food and that have been provided spacious conditions to live in. We are all too familiar with the reality of cheap and cheerful battery farmed eggs where the poor chickens have been cooped up and fed poor quality food desperately lacking in adequate nutrition. Much if not everything can be given away in the quality of the egg that a chicken produces.

Are you looking for truly quality poultry feed? Ashford based Kent Animal Feeds have for 30 years been specialising in the manufacture and supply of truly quality animal feed including poultry feed. Ashford residents who are looking for locally produced and supplied quality poultry feed Ashford based will definitely want to get in touch with us here at Kent Animal Feeds.

Why is Kent Animal Feeds a good option for your animal feed needs? All of our animal feed including our poultry feed, Ashford based, is produced right here on our very own site in Kent. Once the food has been produced, it is bagged and sent out to our customers usually within 48 hours, resulting in the freshest possible animal feed and poultry feed Ashford could possibly hope for. Therefore your animals including your poultry can truly enjoy a tasty and nutritious feed giving them the best chance of good health.

In addition to our animal feed and poultry feed, Ashford based Kent Animal Feeds stock hay, straw and wood shavings for the purpose of providing bedding for your animals and poultry. If you are a smallholding we have all of your needs here as a one stop shop base. Whether you have a smallholding or whether you are an individual with a few chickens, we are happy to receive your custom and do whatever we can to help meet your needs. We highly value our customers and place a strong focus on ensuring customer satisfaction at all times. Should you have any questions with regards to any of our services or products including our poultry feed, Ashford based Kent Animal Feeds would be very happy to hear from you.

For a full list of our animal feed options including our poultry feed, Ashford based, please do take a look at our website where we have listed, along with photographs, detailed content on the animal feeds we have available including their ingredients and nutritional content. We hope that this will be most helpful to you in weighing up your options of various animal feed and poultry feed. Ashford based Kent Animal Feeds would be glad to take your calls with regards to any questions you might have in terms of any of our products and services. We look forward to hearing from you at your convenience. In order to access our contact telephone number you can find this on our website along with our location information and much more information an all we have on offer here at Kent Animal Feeds.